Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Hospital Appointment

Went yesterday and did the usual 1st appointment stuff. Went through all our family history and all the information about my labour with Levi. Of course being another IVF pregnancy I have to have at least one appointment with the doctor at the hospital but all being well I should be able just to go to the birthing unit like I did last time and have all my appointments with the midwives.

Funny thing is I was asked if I would be willing to be part of a study for pregnant woman who are obese or over weight. Only because my BMI is like 28. I hate this stupid BMI shit. I am not obese I look fine and considering I lost 10kg before I even got pregnant. Grrr.

Anyway, I got to heat the babies heartbeat again which was nice. Still very strong and very fast. Also booked my scan for 8th September and morphology scan for October 26th. Cant wait to see my little bubble again.

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