Saturday, June 26, 2010

Embryo #2

Well our little embryo is in. Hopefully its feeling nice and safe in there and thinking it might stay there for 9 months or so lol. The doctor that did the transfer was the same one that did the retrieval of my last fresh cycle and the transfer I fell pregnant with Levi. The doctor told me that the embryo is as good as a frozen one gets so that is a good thing and the transfer went perfectly and it was placed right in the middle of my uterus.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


So our little Levi Embryo was put in on the 13th June 2008 and I got the results of my positive blood test on the 26th June. Of course my little boy was 9 days late and was born on March 11th 2009. So this FET - my little Embryo will be put in on the 26th of June and if successful our new little baby will be due in March once again around Levi's birthday. Is that a coincidence? Of course we didn't plan for this to happen. I was shocked that it was even going to happen so quickly.

I am taking this as a good sign :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stupid Body

Just when you think something is going to work out, something else comes along to make you think otherwise. I seemed to be doing fine on the Clomid, no side effects or anything like that. Went in for a blood test and was told that my hormone levels were perfect and I was getting booked in for my FET on Tuesday (tomorrow) then Thursday last week I start spotting. Right away I was on the phone to the clinic. I knew this wasn't supposed to be happening. So I went in for another blood test on Friday and then again on Saturday together with a scan. Apparently my lining is fine, they like to see a 7 and mine was a 10. I also have a follicle on each ovary, hmmm multiple pregnancy maybe?

So now I am booked in for Saturday. We only have 2 embies so fingers crossed they work.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trying for #2

So i guess you could say we have been officially trying since December. I mean i was still breastfeeding but for some reason i let what everyone said get into my head "You know your body changes after you have a baby, everything might go back to normal and you could fall pregnant naturally." What i should have said was "You know what, you should really shut up. You know nothing about my body and the crap it has put me through trying to get pregnant so the likely hood of it just magically deciding 'hey i might just be normal now' is a load of rubbish." We tried nearly 2 years to get pregnant naturally and it didnt happen, what the hell does that tell you???? God right now i want to kick them all in the head.

So back on track- we went to see the specialist to talk about doing the EFT. Another kick in the head, we couldnt try untill i had stopped breastfeeding. I am sorry, is the fact i cant get pregnant naturally not enough that i have to give up the one thing i have actually been able to do well before i can have another baby. Um Hello not fair. Any way i came to terms with that and took a month to wean Levi off the boob.

So now i am taking Clomid 100g for 5 days and going for a blood test on Wednesday to see how my hormone levels are. I guess we go from there.

Expanding your family

For some such a thing is so easy it just happens by accident or as soon as they decide they want it to happen. But for others it is not easy at all. It takes a massive toll on your mental health and your hip pocket. I don't even want to think about how much we spent on the 3 IVF cycles it took to fall pregnant with Levi and yet here we are again.

We don't have the free money to do another full IVF cycle but thankfully we have 2 frozen little embryos. Basically what that means is we only have 2 more chances of having another baby. Those odds really don't seem all that fair do they? On one hand you think, well they came from the same cycle that we fell pregnant with Levi so they have to work. Right? Think about it though we got 6 eggs from that cycle not all of them were fertilised and from what were, we ended up with 3. The best one became out little Levi and the other 2 were frozen. So yeah those 2 eggs may have been fine with they got frozen but that's doesn't mean they are going to survive the stress of the thaw.

Its funny, we went into the whole IVF thing at the start thinking it has to work doesn't it, everything is being done for us. The Eggs get fertilised and start dividing into what should be a baby so of course we will get pregnant. Doesn't work like that. So now i find my self thinking the same thing. These eggs are just like Levi's was so of course i will get pregnant. STOP the crazy thinking, don't get your hopes to high up in the clouds, because you know there is a 50% chance you will come crashing down.

I guess only time will tell.