Friday, August 14, 2009

Yay for holidays

Greg and i haven't been away since our anniversary last year. Tonight we are leaving for Darwin. Our first family holiday. I cant wait. Not to sure how Levi is going to go on the plane but i am hoping he will sleep and be okay with his ears. It is going to be a long 48 hours since we don't leave Adelaide until 10.15pm and wont land in Darwin until 2am, that is going to be fun.

I cant wait for warm weather and sun shine. We will be doing alot of swimming in the pool and Greg is going on a fishing charter on Wednesday that i am sure he is excited about. Oh and the whole reason we are going up there is for Jodie & Adam's wedding. Cant wait for that.

Will come back will lots of pictures.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 months

I cant believe it, my little boy is 5 months old already. Where in the world has the time gone. The worst thing i keep thinking is that he is gonna be 6 months old next month. The poor little thing isn't feeling well either. I am pretty sure he has my sore throat which i can tell you is not a nice thing. I have been dosing him up on panadol to make him feel better and it seems to be working.

I got no sleep last night. He would wake up and i would attend to him and then be stuck awake for ages thinking he is just going to wake up soon so what is the point. Of course Greg slept through the whole thing. He got up once and gave him his dummy and that was only because he was going to the toilet any way. Grrr men. Greg is home all day today because he doesn't have a job and he couldn't even get out of bed and take Levi out of the room so i could have a little longer to actually get some sleep. Once again Grrrr Men.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I was looking through an old writing book i have the other day. I came across a poem i wrote when we were TTC. I am a very big poem writer and often use it to express how i am feeling. I have so many poems written everywhere. Its interesting to look back on the feelings that i was having at that time and see how my life is so different now that we finally have our little baby with us. Here is the poem that i found.

The heart bleeds, the heart cries
You feel like your empty inside
Every moment you make a simple wish
Just once will it come true

As each day passes a little hope dies
Why can’t I hide from everything inside
In the distance you see a glimpse of hope
As time flies by it all fades to dust

Only time will tell, when the dream is sold
Filling books with my tears and words
It’s all the same stuff
My journey, my hurts

The life that I have lived
The years that have passed

It’s only a short time the heart can last.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time is too fast

I cant believe how quickly everything is going. Levi is growing so fast i cant keep up. I look back at his little baby pictures and he was so small, and now he is a little chubba. I love his chubby little cheeks and his massive gummy smile.

People keep asking me if motherhood is what i expected, my answer "Its the best thing in the world and much more than i expected." How could you even imagine that you would love something so small more than anything in the entire world. More than life itself. I think Levi's face is going to worn out from all the kisses he keeps getting from me, i mean you can just kiss those cheeks once. Come on.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mum & Dads Anniversary

We had a BBQ at our house for Mum and Dads Anniversary. All the family was here. Of course Levi was centre of attention. My sisters love him. He loves the attention of course. My little boy the ladies man. LOL

Saturday, June 13, 2009

12 Months Ago today

A tiny perfect little embryo was placed in its new home. That little embryo is now my perfect little boy Levi. I was a little worried about this transfer being on Friday the 13th and all but when i got to the clinic i had a really good vibe about it. I mean they do say 3rd times a charm right. When i got there i got told that we only had 3 good embryos, i though ok everyone keeps saying it only takes one to work.

The little embryo was transferred and i was sent on my way booked in for a blood test on Wednesday the 25th, another very long wait.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New House

We have now been in our house for 2 weeks. Was a little crazy moving in with a 3 day old baby but we got there and everything is coming together. There are still a few things that need doing but it is nice be in our own home. Greg has done the grass which makes the back yard look so much better. Now we just have to get Tieka back. She has been at the dog kennel for nearly 2 weeks, it has been so quite here without her.

Levi is doing great. Loves to eat and is a pretty good sleeper. He is so cute. I cant believe that he is finally here. Feels like he has been here forever. We are so happy with our little family.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The beginning of our family

We are finally a family. Our little Levi Trevor was born at 8.14am on March 11th 2009 Weighing 7lb13 and 53cm long. The most precious thing in our lives and what we waited so long for.
Welcome to the world and our family little boy. We love you.