Tuesday, September 21, 2010

15 Weeks

Wow already into the 2nd trimester. Seems like it is going so slow though. I guess maybe because most of the pregnant people around me are about to give birth soon.

Thankfully the morning sickness has left. I have thrown up a few times over the last few weeks but not ever day like I was. I just have to make sure that I eat when i feel hungry or I will puke then as well. I dont seem to be eating as much as I normally would though. I dont know if its because I lost weight before I got pregnant or what. I still havent put on any weight, which might be a good thing. I really dont want to put on as much weight as I did after I had Levi. Was only 73.4kg today, cant remember what I have been in the past but I was at 76kg when I got pregnant.

Only 5 more weeks till we get to see our little bubble again. I cant wait. Hopefully we get to find out the sex, legs open little one.

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