Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 months

I cant believe it, my little boy is 5 months old already. Where in the world has the time gone. The worst thing i keep thinking is that he is gonna be 6 months old next month. The poor little thing isn't feeling well either. I am pretty sure he has my sore throat which i can tell you is not a nice thing. I have been dosing him up on panadol to make him feel better and it seems to be working.

I got no sleep last night. He would wake up and i would attend to him and then be stuck awake for ages thinking he is just going to wake up soon so what is the point. Of course Greg slept through the whole thing. He got up once and gave him his dummy and that was only because he was going to the toilet any way. Grrr men. Greg is home all day today because he doesn't have a job and he couldn't even get out of bed and take Levi out of the room so i could have a little longer to actually get some sleep. Once again Grrrr Men.

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