Monday, June 14, 2010

Expanding your family

For some such a thing is so easy it just happens by accident or as soon as they decide they want it to happen. But for others it is not easy at all. It takes a massive toll on your mental health and your hip pocket. I don't even want to think about how much we spent on the 3 IVF cycles it took to fall pregnant with Levi and yet here we are again.

We don't have the free money to do another full IVF cycle but thankfully we have 2 frozen little embryos. Basically what that means is we only have 2 more chances of having another baby. Those odds really don't seem all that fair do they? On one hand you think, well they came from the same cycle that we fell pregnant with Levi so they have to work. Right? Think about it though we got 6 eggs from that cycle not all of them were fertilised and from what were, we ended up with 3. The best one became out little Levi and the other 2 were frozen. So yeah those 2 eggs may have been fine with they got frozen but that's doesn't mean they are going to survive the stress of the thaw.

Its funny, we went into the whole IVF thing at the start thinking it has to work doesn't it, everything is being done for us. The Eggs get fertilised and start dividing into what should be a baby so of course we will get pregnant. Doesn't work like that. So now i find my self thinking the same thing. These eggs are just like Levi's was so of course i will get pregnant. STOP the crazy thinking, don't get your hopes to high up in the clouds, because you know there is a 50% chance you will come crashing down.

I guess only time will tell.

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