Monday, June 14, 2010

Trying for #2

So i guess you could say we have been officially trying since December. I mean i was still breastfeeding but for some reason i let what everyone said get into my head "You know your body changes after you have a baby, everything might go back to normal and you could fall pregnant naturally." What i should have said was "You know what, you should really shut up. You know nothing about my body and the crap it has put me through trying to get pregnant so the likely hood of it just magically deciding 'hey i might just be normal now' is a load of rubbish." We tried nearly 2 years to get pregnant naturally and it didnt happen, what the hell does that tell you???? God right now i want to kick them all in the head.

So back on track- we went to see the specialist to talk about doing the EFT. Another kick in the head, we couldnt try untill i had stopped breastfeeding. I am sorry, is the fact i cant get pregnant naturally not enough that i have to give up the one thing i have actually been able to do well before i can have another baby. Um Hello not fair. Any way i came to terms with that and took a month to wean Levi off the boob.

So now i am taking Clomid 100g for 5 days and going for a blood test on Wednesday to see how my hormone levels are. I guess we go from there.

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  1. ((((hugs)))) You did an amazing job breastfeeding Levi! I am wishing you loads of luck this time around. And I understand the torment that our bodies put us through. TTC#2 for me seems just as hard, if not tougher, becuase when making the financial choices it is not just me and DH to think about it is the first miracle too.